About us

Why S.G.Group Company?

Today, Sirjangostar Global Group is one of the leading exporters of Oil, Petrochemicals & Chemicals products in the Middle East, CIS and SE Asia countries, and also acts as a leading global trading company with efficient, trustworthy and reliable services.

Based on the above, we maintain long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, S.G.Group is positioned to meet them.

With a group of expertise staff, S.G.Group is able to provide professional service covering international sales and purchasing.

History of S.G.Group Company

Sirjangostar Global Group (S.G.Group), containing group of holding companies, is a recognizable international trading company which was founded in 1964 and focused primarily on Producing, Distributing, Importing and Exporting of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mineral Products.

Our network operations act across many countries such as C.I.S, Middle East, S.E.Asia, Far East Asia, Africa & Europe.

Our success in the market is the result of an integrated approach to the company experienced management, including a competent marketing policy, delivering high quality products, well-arranged logistic channels, innovative company developments and expertise staff, all contribute to make us one of the outstanding companies in fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals & Minerals.

We would not have been so successful without the support of our valuable clients, who we have established strong business relationship and partnership through years. Identifying their needs and providing the best possible solutions and services with competitive prices are our main priority. It is our utmost honor to become one of the reliable international companies dealing with range of commodities in large volumes and considerable transactions which have led to bond of trust relationship with all of our esteemed clients.

Establishing various companies and subsidiaries inside & outside of country has been assisting us to ensure we facilitate our business activities with our customers more easily and with minimum possible risks. We are always seeking new business developments to strengthen our global presence and successfully expand trade activities. Eventually, by improving our quantitative and qualitative facilities and services, S.G.Group. endeavors to fulfill its customers’ requirements thoroughly.

Our business is based on rock solid practices and streamlined operations and has a great growth potential. Efficient capital allocation and first class technical support are top priorities.

We are always looking forward to establish business cooperation with new clients all over the world. S.G.Group maintains long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, the group is positioned to meet them.

Scope of avtivity

The scope of S.G.Group core business mainly covers the purchase and sale of Petrochemicals, Polymers, Chemicals, Aromatics, Minerals, Oil & Gas products.

Our principal activities are focused on international trade in Oil and Gas and emphasis more rigidly on petrochemical products which can be described as follows:

Supplying oil & petrochemical products required by the customers all around the world
Purchase of oil & petrochemical products required by the Iranian market and private sectors
Purchase and swap of oil products
Transit arrangements for Oil products

Future Project

Constant development and expansion is one of the S.G.Group main activities in the past few years. Continuous research, evaluating market demand, and following relevant and latest technologies persuaded us to invest heavily on potential projects, providing customer satisfaction and bringing dozens of benefits to country economy.