Iron Ore

In 2005, S.G.Group engaged itself on exploration and extraction of potential, small and medium size Iron Ore mines mainly in East and Central parts of Iran to export good quality and quantity of processed minerals to its target markets mainly to China & neighbor countries.

S.G.Group receive both Hematite & Magnetite cargos and cover whole procedure itself from the production to delivery at destination port with competitive prices. Both types of exporting by Container & by Bulk vessel are available upon request of clients.

It would be our pleasure to cooperate with all new buyers who are interested to purchase Iron Ore from Iran.

All additional information can be described as follows:

• Location of Primary Mines: Sangan Province, Mashhad & Sirjan Province, Kerman-IRAN

• Zones: 4 different Zones in area of 90 KM2

• Iron Ore Quality: Magnetite with Fe between 55%-61%

• Estimated Reserves: Total 35 Million MT from all available mines (owned-partnership)

• Distance to Loading Port: 400 KM2 to 1,100 KM2

• Annual Production: Total 3,000,000 MT from All available Mines

• Procedure of Supply:

• Production at Mine

• Loading and transportation to port by Truck with 25 MT capacity

• Stuffing at S.G.Group Warehouse at B. Abbas Port

• Loading on containers or bulk vessels with the best experienced operation team