Sirjan Gostar Global Group


Sirjangostar Co
The main company of the Group

Sirjangostar Global Group (S.G.Group), containing group of holding companies, is a recognizable international trading company which was founded in 1993 and focused primarily on Producing, Distributing, Importing and Exporting of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Mineral Products.

Our network operations act across many countries such as C.I.S, Middle East, S.E.Asia, Far East Asia, Africa & Europe.

Our success in the market is the result of an integrated approach to the company experienced management, including a competent marketing policy, delivering high quality products, well-arranged logistic channels, innovative company developments and expertise staff, all contribute to make us one of the outstanding companies in fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals & Minerals.

We would not have been so successful without the support of our valuable clients, who we have established strong business relationship and partnership through years. Identifying their needs and providing the best possible solutions and services with competitive prices are our main priority. It is our utmost honor to become one of the reliable international companies dealing with range of commodities in large volumes and considerable transactions which have led to bond of trust relationship with all of our esteemed clients.

Establishing various companies and subsidiaries inside & outside of country has been assisting us to ensure we facilitate our business activities with our customers more easily and with minimum possible risks. We are always seeking new business developments to strengthen our global presence and successfully expand trade activities. Eventually, by improving our quantitative and qualitative facilities and services, S.G.Group. endeavors to fulfill its customers’ requirements thoroughly.

Our business is based on rock solid practices and streamlined operations and has a great growth potential. Efficient capital allocation and first class technical support are top priorities.

We are always looking forward to establish business cooperation with new clients all over the world. S.G.Group maintains long-standing relationship with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, the group is positioned to meet them.

Siraco General Trading L.L.C. Co

To make the international trade more favorable for our clients, S.G.Group decided to run a company based in UAE. Therefore, Siraco established in 1999 to ease the trade between Iran and clients located in all over the globe. Since the beginning the management of Siraco have made substantial investments, and thereby expanded in to the petroleum products.

Strategically located in Dubai, the company is ideally positioned to provide many products for different markets such as USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Petro Palayesh IRAF Co. (Hydrocarbon Production)

After two years of study, research, and substantial investment in the North East part of the country, Taibad, located at the Especial Economic Zone called Dogharoun, managed to construct a manufacturing plant for the production of hydrocarbon fuels for export to neighboring countries.

The reason behind of constructing this plant is to prevent fuel smuggling from east borders, providing employment for locals and expanding business activities of the company.

Currently, the total production capacity of the plant is 2,000 MT per day, producing both light and heavy end hydrocarbons.

Our storage tanks capacity is 8,000 MT and aim to increase the capacity to more than 20,000 MT in near future.

Persian Energy Group Consortium

Main activities are Swap and Transit of oil products to various destinations such as South East Asia, Persian Gulf countries And Iraq

Payandeh Sazan Farayand Co

It is active in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Industries. P.S.F.Co. with senior experts in different fields of Design, Engineering and Construction, Business and Procurement is ready to provide the following services:

  • Design, Engineering & Construction
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management (S.C.M)
  • Management of Contractors (MC)

Moghan Wire & Cable Co

Founded in 1982, is one of the reputable companies on producing various type of wire & cables such as low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage cables up to 230 kilowatt and also produce all kinds of rubber cables designed especially for sea and water projects, lead sheathing cables and communication cables. The factory is based in Shahrood City, 400 km north east of the country. The area is around 120,000 m² where 36,000 m² of the area constructed for production and warehousing. S.G.Group. as an exclusive agent of Moghan, is ready to export range of cables to all clients around the world.


Matco International Trading L.T.D. Co

Founded on 2010 under the name of MATCO DANISMANLIK VE DIS TIC LTD CO.

The Company has been constantly exporting all major products in above fields to many countries and have established few more companies outside of Turkey to facilitate the trade with its buyers.

It has become one of the reliable International Trading companies as Exporter and Importer dealing with different commodities in large volumes and build great trust relationship with all of its valuable buyers.

Kavosh Hadid Aria Co. (Mineral)

Kavosh Hadid Aria organizes production of company iron ore mines located in Sirjan and Chah Chaghook provinces. These mines equipped with crushing, sizing and concentrating machineries and production capacity exceeds more than 100,000 MT per month.


Hadid Sanat Sangan (Mineral)

Hadid Sanat Sangan organizes the production of one of the best mines of the company based in Sangan province called Hadid Mines. It has separated in 4 zones in area of 90 km². It extracts the best quality magnetite iron ore and exports all of its production to target markets.


Future San Co

One of the S.G.Group affiliated companies established in 2010 based in Turkey, Istanbul, which follows trading activities of the head quarter to ease up the trade with valuable clients based in those regions.


Chenzook Digital Solution Co

Digital part of your company can not be taken lightly. The quality of your marketing materials can have a profound impact on the success of your business. Done exceptionally, they can help you to promote sales, motivate customers and contribute to a strong brand image. Done poorly, they can do more harm than good. we take care of it.

Badban Kohan Co

Badban Kohan Company is specialized on International Transportation and committed to provide best services according to the global standards. Best F/R and services are Badban Kohan’s main objects.

Badban Kohan Company would like to be a bridge between the importers & exporters in order to satisfy the expectations of the clients.

Ayegh Anbooh Sepahan Co. (Bitumen Storage & Drumming Paint)

One of S.G.Group affiliated companies engaged in:

  • Drum Manufacturing
  • Bitumen Processing
  • Bitumen Blowing Tower
  • Filling Plant For Polybag (which is a patent registered by CEO of S.G.Group) | Modifying All Grade Of Bitumen
  • Filling Plant For R.P.O And Slack Wax
Sirjan Khodro EV Car

Sirjan Khodro Industrial Group Company

Sirjan Khodro Industrial Group Company is one of the production subsidiaries of Sirjan Gostar Holding, which was formed on 1/8/1401 and 100% of its shares belong to Sirjan Gostar Holding.
The registered address of the head office is Nelson Mandela Blvd., Gol Azin Blvd., No. 11, Unit 12, and the factory is located in the Sirjan Special Economic Zone, located in Kerman province. The factory has an area of ​​180,000 square meters and a registered capital of 2,000,000,000. Tomans
The activity of this company has started with the participation of a large Chinese automobile company and all stages of design, research and development, production and sales and the necessary permits have been received by the competent authorities. This company has a production license for all kinds of light and heavy electric, gasoline, diesel and gas vehicles.
With the plans made by the end of 1401, the production halls will be prepared and assembly of all kinds of electric cars will start in 1402, and in the next year design and utilization units will be added to the collection.
In the production and assembly halls, four lanes have been considered for all types of light, semi-heavy and heavy vehicles.